Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pass-master: Micheal Carrick versus Italy - Who says he cannot forward pass

Carrick have been out of the national team for some time. The past and current national coach do not think he is good enough versus the likes of Lampard, Milner, Barry and Henderson.

Well, he got called up and did his usual.

Tell me what you think of this performance.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Trequartista: Tom Cleverley vs Italy all passes, touches

Tom Cleverley got his first England call up versus Italy. A very good team and he came up against De Rossi and gang in an advance midfield position.
Despite the numerous raves, i thought as a trequartista he did rather nothing worth of note. People do have too low an expectation of a No 10 to rave too much.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trequartista: Wayne Rooney vs Hannover 96 all touches,passing

Here is the thing about Wayne Rooney. You gotta hate him for coming back pre-season looking disinterested. This game shows me how fat he has become. I wonder why people call Lampard fat. This guy is even worse.

To top it off, that was a blatant dive and he seem to make it his specialty

But if there is one person in the team that can do what scholes does, it is really this man. He spreads play better than Kagawa,Carrick or Cleverley. Great range of passing

Trequartista(No 10): Shinji Kagawa vs Hannover 96

All touches, passing and goals of Kagawa here.

Shinji Kagawa have shown that he is probably not here to sell shirts. Another competent display this time at center mid. It looks like he can do the job, but my feel is that he leaves a lot of holes as does Cleverley.

Sooner or later we will be exposed.

Passmaster: Tom Cleverley vs Hannover 96 #MUFC

Tom Cleverley have been missing for last season so many united fans have been wanting to see the Cleverley and Anderson combo again.

In this match, he combines with Shinji Kagawa and Anderson in one of the most passing midfield united have every seen in a long time.

Here are all his passes