Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabio and Rafael Da Silva as first choice fullback? Lots to learn still

In today’s match vs Valencia, the twins were finally being deployed together in an important match.

My thoughts is that its an encouraging display.

Infield Attacking Dribbling is good

I really like that both took the opportunity to dribble infield to take up goal scoring position. You can see the difference between them with Wes Brown and John O’Shea

In the way Ashley Cole did so well cutting infield instead of going on the outside, modern fullbacks are adding another dimension to their game.

Passing and Decision making still not up to it

I would have expected Rafael to do much better in this department but today’s display shows that these fundamentals are still missing.

What makes Ferdinard, Vidic, Neville and Evra first choice is that

  1. they seldom make bad defensive decision
  2. they don’t make inappropriate passes that jeopardizes team mates
  3. they don’t mis-pass that creates unnecessary pressure.

They need a run of games

I am very supportive of them playing against good wingers. This is how you learn by defending against the Bales, Malouda and Nasri week in week out.

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