Friday, December 10, 2010

How the script will really work for Anderson finally

If youtube video’s is the best judge of a player, then after watching this video you would think that we have a world beater on our hands.

Sadly it didn’t work out that way. After a great first season. Anderson, like fellow purchase that year Nani, continues to show the kind of form and decision making that ends up frustrating fans and coaches.

What’s bad about his game

He tends to

  1. Switch off a lot during matches. Sure he can show good glimpses but most of the time he switches off enough to put his team in jeopardy.
  2. Getting Fat, Injured or general lack of fitness. Here is a player playing in central midfield and most matches he cannot last a full 90 minutes.
  3. Decision making and Game Reading. Playmakers or tempo setters tend to need this aspect of his game to be good so as to ensure his team is stable and break up the opposition with his team’s play. Anderson though has the skills have not master when to do what.
  4. Inconsistent. Tends to be great one game and poor the next or largely anonymous.

Playing as a deep midfielder

Football Fans Know Better

I do not know if this is what Sir Alex Ferguson thinks he should be, but its definitely not working out.

Sure he has a lot of strong points to his game for that

  1. Able to pass
  2. Stout build thus does not get muscle off

But he doesn’t read the game or dictate plays like scholes or keane. You need good game reading to do that. Carrick and Alonso shows that you don’t have to tackle superbly but you have to read well.

Essentially both him and fletcher are not the kind of player at the moment to play deep. A midfield of them together seem like a dream but often did not work out.

Playing as a advance midfielder or No 10

Football Fans Know Better

It is no coincidence that some of his best performance comes when he is much liberated from his defensive duties and players more further upfield.

What he does best is that unlike a lot of premiership midfielders, here is one that can:

  1. Short pass or long pass
  2. Run at you through the middle

Players find it awkward dealing with a carrier from middle of midfield like that. we have seen a lot of wingers like Arteta, Schweinsteiger converted to central midfielders probably because they offer passing and dribbling.

His best performance this season have been with Carrick at his back. Carrick although much criticize does a better job reading and intercepting. (When he is on form that is)

If you guys remember before Hargreaves was injured, the good combination have been Anderson and Hargreaves.

Playing a 3 man midfield

In the upcoming Arsenal game this is what we might see:

Football Fans Know Better

Much have been made about how bad our midfield is in terms of neither having good creativity but also stability.

But that if you ask me, is still a very very good midfield to have!

And You essentially have 3 midfielders train to defend and attack but will play a primarily role and double up on the next.

Change in Attitude, Good Coaching and Mentoring is required

The turnaround of Nani, have been the most dramatic development for me last season.

Here is a player that everyone was groaning when he got on the pitch and now has turn into the player that we HAVE to rely on.

What cause this turn around?

I am not sure but I believe that it could very well be up to

  1. Nani himself realising what he needs to listen to sound advice
  2. Giggs telling him what he needs to focus on.
  3. Ronaldo telling him how to really beat premiership defences.
  4. Coaching in general at the club.

It’s the same thing for Anderson. There were news of his partying ways and crashing of sports car. Sooner or later he has to realize this is make or break for him.

A lot of news swirling that clubs are looking to loan him.

He has to do what Nani Does

  1. Coaches need to get him super fit
  2. He has to change his attitude
  3. Listen to what Scholes and Fletcher could impart

Much of his good performance could be him being more fit after a lengthy injury.

Why I still think he can be a scary prospect

At Man United as long as you give your heart, the fans will take to you. People usually likes hardwork mixed with flair and that’s why I am still giving this kid one more chance.

Why? To be honest there are a lot of players that can play the No 10 or deep lying playmaker at the age of 18-23 we can buy to see if it will work out. Off loading Anderson could be seen as a failed experiment but getting some money to develop another new exciting central midfielder is more risky than this Anderson experiment working.

How will this work out?

  1. His training of playing deep allows him to be more discipline as he grows older.
  2. Playing at the right position consistently develops good performance which brews his confidence and creates a multplying effect.
  3. Good coaching gives him the tools required to play better as a playmaker. This improves overall general play and decision making.
  4. Eventually we might see him able to go back to playing in deep midfield to dictate play again.

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