Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First look at Man United’s future midfield of Fletcher + Anderson doesn’t look good

This is probably what a lot of fans thought would work.

Both of them bring great energy compare to Scholes and Carrick. Since Fletcher is the midfield terrier, he can sit behind in defence in Carrick’s place and Anderson can be the creative spark.

Problem at the West Ham game where they got thrashed 4-0 is that it is never working out that way.

Fletcher plays better in a forward midfield

Sir Alex Ferguson never saw Darren Fletcher as a defensive midfielder. He is a box-to-box midfielder in Lampard’s mode sans the goals. Perhaps that is why Fletcher is always deployed.

He can

  1. press on the opposition’s deep playmaker
  2. make runs to score goals
  3. take up a position on the right wing where his crosses are great

Anderson must learn to play again in a forward midfield

That said, Anderson is pretty wasted in a defensive midfield position. His attention and fitness is lacking and although he is a creative spark, not staying fit for a run of games have show that he has ideas, but the execution part falls short.

These few games we see that he is a Ozil or Sneijder more than the do-it-all midfielder Ferguson is trying to mould him into.

My take is that Fergie should try him there first. That is where he excels in most of the time as the most forward of the midfield to get his A game out like Nani first. Then, you think about turning him to a complete midfielder.

The importance of Carrick

So if both are more suited to be the more forward midfielder, it means our club lacks a deep playmaker cum enforcer.

Carrick is much hated nowadays by fans due to his poor form last season but like Busquets for Barcelona he might be more understated then people realise.

His defensive game is important to protect the defence and the little things he do disrupts the opposition and helps the team keep possession and launch attacks.

If people think he is not doing a good job there, I am afraid we have to see whether Anderson and Fletcher develops to that.

My instincts tell me our need for a deep-lying passmaster cum enforcer is more pressing then a playmaker.

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