Saturday, December 11, 2010

What we lack in midfield may be...

someone who is already in "our" ranks. Why the "" i must clarify. Technically speaking he's a Wigan player as we speak. Just who is this player im talking about? Bet you are "CLEVER" enough to know who this player is! He is no other than our very own Tom Cleverley!

Just watched the 1st half of Everton vs Wigan, and from what i have witness. Everything good that Wigan has produced, Cleverley was involved. I dare to say if Sir Alex does not recall Cleverley back from Wigan this season, and Cleverley stays fit and healthy. Wigan will have no problem staying up! Watch this post!

Tom is highly regarded around Old Trafford and is tipped for greatness by many. I certainly believe so! I saw Cleverley played a few times when he was on loan at Watford a few seasons back, and he was a class above. He played 33 games, scored 11 goals and was voted Player of the Season for Watford. - The only player who played less than 50 games for Watford to win this award. Says alot about Tom!

At home across the midfield ( which is a luxury in today's football world ), able to pick a superb forward pass at ease, young, hungry and most importantly ENGLISH! (Move aside Jack Wilshere!) Future of English football isnt without hope after all.. Looking forward to see him put on a Man Utd jersey for the 2nd half of the season. If not NEXT season.

So like what i have mentioned earlier, what we really need for midfield may be with us all along after all..

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  1. i personally don't think he is as promising as Wilshere. That is a future midfield general you are talking about there. And that is a hard to find commodity