Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chris Hughton Sacked. Wouldn’t mind him being Fergie’s understudy

We just got wind of the news that Newcastle football clubs coach cum caretaker cum manager is sacked.

This is astonishing news because I thought he was doing a damn good job getting them not just promoted but playing decent football.

He got Andy Carroll playing for England as well and a team full of ego to play cohesively. This seems to be really unjust rewards but I think he got a really good deal because it really show it to him that he can be a decent manager in the future.

Even if he doesn’t succeed, he can turn out to be a coach of good application. As a United fan, I wouldn’t mind or will not be surprise that Sir Alex Ferguson decides to do a Querioz and bring him in as assistant coach.

Hope he gets back into the game soon.

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