Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Transfer Bargain:Lassana Diarra would be a great pickup for Manchester United for 11 Mil Pounds

So here is the thing. I see that we are again we were linked with Lassana Diarra and some people don’t think this is what we should be focusing on.

I have stated in the past that Fergie sees Anderson and Fletcher more as box to box players NOT defensive midfielders.

In fact, he prefers his midfielders to all be box to box instead of specialized.

So why is Lassana Diarra great?

Value buy

At 11 Million Pounds, you get a 25 year old midfielder with premiership experience with Arsenal, Chelsea and Portsmouth. He will be in his prime really.

A defensive midfielder with good ball control

The key to the game is to keep possession and I see Lass able to do this. take a look at some of his play and you will see that he retains possession well in tight areas, moves forward for shots.

Ability to drift out wide

Similar to fletcher, he has the capability to play at the right side to shore up that area. For modern tactical football you need fluid players that can be discipline and flexible. Lass might be able to do that.

There are reasons not to buy him as well

Better options

I am talking about midfielders aged 18-22 with greater upsides. Some of the good potential ones I seen are

  1. Fernando in Portugal
  2. Yann M’Vila in France
  3. Tiote of Newcastle

Likely we may be able to get them for the same price

Fergie does not want specialize defensive midfielders.

As mentioned, I have a feeling the preferred formation is 4-4-2. As such the 2 midfielders cannot be specialized and that will drive the purchase direction.

Journeyman who doesn’t stay long

His reputation isn’t really astounding when it comes to the loyalty department. The moment he is not in the first team he becomes unstable.

Would you build a team around someone who is questionable in this department?

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