Friday, February 4, 2011

Gary Neville:Industrious, Determined Passionate and Cross Master!

Gary Neville will retire from Football this week at the age of 35. What do I remember best about this fullback:


Who can forget that celebration in a classic match against an intense opponent.

Gary Neville for me is one of the most effective defenders. He is never a flair player. Can’t beat his man for shitz, but he just hones his fundamentals

  1. Reading of the game
  2. Timing the tackles
  3. Choosing to attack and defend at the right time
  4. Optimizing his fitness
  5. Changing his game
  6. Working on his devastating range of crosses

On the last point, take a look at how much width Manchester United gets from his range of crosses. Knowing the man that he is, some of his crosses were switch to his weaker left foot!

People say that David Beckham is a great crosser but I think that Gary Neville have learnt the art of crossing from his good friend as well.

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