Friday, February 4, 2011

Opposition Opinion:Do not underestimate Steve Clarke’s influence at Liverpool

Many of the opposition fans will be gloating at Liverpool losing Fernando Torres, their string of poor results and spending 35 mil on Andy Carroll.

But for me, the most significant signing is actually Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke was on the coaching staff at Chelsea since their reign under Mourinho. He is very popular among Chelsea fans and not underrated because a lot of people saw how important he is.

When he left Chelsea for West Ham, it seems that Chelsea’s record also got worse.

Steve Clarke’s last seventeen league games at Chelsea
Wins: 11
Draws: 6
Losses: 0
Points per game: 2.29

The seventeen league games since Steve Clarke left
Wins: 9
Draws: 5
Losses: 3
Points per game: 1.88

This might or might not be attributed to him. Under West Ham he has a mixed record. But one of the first few people Dalglish got on board was Clarke.

In their recent game where they won 2-0 vs Stoke (Zonal Marking tactical coverage here), there is a major change in formation to accommodate the opposition.

To me, this is very radical especially for a team trying to find form and settle down.

I think for Manchester United to beat them again, they have to be wary about this coach.

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